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Some previous topics include:

  • Strategies to help your anxious child
  • Helping your child generalize social skills by using the “Social Autopsy” method,
  • Adult ADHD- How to stay organized
  • Parenting Inflexible Children
  • Strategies for Helping Children with Anxiety
  • Anxiety, Attention, and Flexibility Issues
  • Social Skills Training
  • How to Survive in a Special Needs Family
  • The Nitty Gritty of Social Sense
  • Building Social Competency
  • Social Sense, Not Just for Kids
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Our team offers different social skills training for kids to help them learn basic etiquette. As we know all children learn and think in different manners through common social interactions. If your child is also struggling with social skills then these workshops near me can help your child better communicate, make friends, succeed in school, later in life, and keep up with their job while balancing a social life.

Our Social Skills Groups

Social skills groups help kids get along better with others. These groups are led by an adult who teaches the kids how to interact appropriately with others their age. They can help kids learn conversationally, friendship, and problem-solving skills. They can also be useful in teaching kids to control their emotions and understand other people’s perspectives.

A specialist or a speech therapist leads a social skill group in schools. These social groups are offered privately and even outside school premises.

educational workshops

How does our Social Skills Group Work?

Many of our children are shy or struggle with social skills. The group facilitator guides them through exercises to learn the skills needed to deal with whatever social challenge they’re facing. Most of these meetings include a chance for kids to role-play or practice social skills — and get feedback on how they’re doing.

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Workshops and Trainings:

Social skills training is a form of behavior therapy used to improve social skills in people with mental disorders or developmental disorders. It often involves role-playing exercises where the individual practices and improves specific skills, such as starting a conversation, making eye contact, or responding to social cues.

Social skills training can be helpful for individuals who struggle with social interactions due to conditions like autism, ADHD, anxiety disorders, or other mental health conditions. Improving social skills can help these individuals have more positive and successful social interactions, which can improve their quality of life and mental health.

The purpose of a workshop is to provide intensive discussion and activity on a specific subject. Workshops are often interactive and practical, allowing participants to engage in hands-on activities and learn new skills or techniques.

Conducting an educational workshop typically involves several steps, including identifying the goals of the workshop, planning the content and activities, preparing the materials, facilitating the workshop, and providing follow-up or evaluation after the workshop. The specific steps can vary depending on the topic and goals of the workshop.

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