How to Choose a Therapist for Yourself or Your Child

The Decision Process

When deciding on a therapist for yourself, your family or your child, it is helpful to answer some of the following questions:

  • What is the therapist’s orientation? Is it psychoanalytic, systemic, cognitive behavior therapy, solution focused, play therapy or art therapy?
  • How long has the therapist been in practice?
  • Do you prefer a man or woman therapist? Does it make a difference to you or your child?
  • What types of issues does the therapist prefer working with and what are those issues that he or she doesn’t work with?
  • How long does the therapist expect the therapy to last?
  • Will the therapy be covered under insurance?


If Therapy Involves a Child
If your child is entering therapy, you may also want to know:

  • How long has the therapist been in practice AND working with children?
  • What portion of the therapist’s cases are children? What portion are adults, families, couples?
  • Will you know what happens in the sessions?
  • Will you be involved and if so, how?
  • Will your child be comfortable?
  • Will your child want to go again?
  • What should you tell your child as to why he or she is going to the therapist?


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