"Janneta helps you to learn how to be a better friend."
Emma, age eight, adopted from China

Janneta has helped my daughter to be confident about who she is and, as a result, she's less anxious about taking risks.
Mother of 8 year old Emma, Adopted from China

I was experiencing debilitating panic attacks that took over my life. I was completely confused and in such a state, that I didn't know what to do to ever get out of it. Thanks to Janneta's patient counseling, I am in control of my panic attacks and anxiety. I felt safe, cared for and relaxed during every meeting. 

Janneta has a contagious warmth. I knew I was in the best of hands. When anxiety creeps up, I realize I'm not going crazy.  The tools Janneta provided work.  I stay on medication.   By replaying in in my mind what she has taught have helped me to conquer this disorder. She is truly my saving grace.
Kristi, adult in her 30s who experienced panic attacks

There is always so much we don't talk about and have trouble believing in.  It is these topics that we must talk about.  The significance of my past obsessions has become practically irrelevant. 

I would have never been able to free myself if it had not been for the help I received in the realization of my fears.  I learned to face and confront what I didn't want to know or was afraid of knowing. I've stopped hiding from the truth.  By confronting situations, things always turn out even better than expected.

Janneta has taught me to see things in a much more positive way.  Anxiety is less and I appreciate life more.  My life view is different due to valuable techniques Janneta has taught me, such as remembering that 'What people say about you is none of your business.' They say that you cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails.  Janneta is a mighty good captain."
Jackie, 16-year-old teen experiencing anxiety and an eating disorder

Our son is challenged by severe (life threatening) food allergies.  When he turned nine, realized that a reaction could really mean death. He was old enough to understand what the smallest particle of wrong food could do to him. So he did what seemed logical:  stopped stopped eating outside the home or what wasn't prepackaged with trustworthy labeling.

He questioned us countless times before eating anything at home, even about foods he knew were safe. We sensed his loss of confidence and saw him becoming depressed and anxious. There were too many arguments about food. 

Through Janneta's careful guidance and assurance she helped all of us understand what was going on and why. She helped us all work together to solve our son's concerns with the right tools to get us there. Her gentle and intelligent approach made it easy for our son to listen earnestly to her words.

She showed him everyday examples of how people control and lose control of their anxieties, examples that rang true to someone his age and made a difference. She provided scheduled goals that were attainable.  This gave our son a strong sense of accomplishment.  Achievable goals expanded.  Our son learned how to chart his feelings and reactions that helped define them, making them understandable. He was able to track his progress so he could see how he was doing.  Janneta's help gave him the courage and confidence to go further. Our son has "graduated" from her care.  Again, he is the self-confident, happy, food loving kid that we had known for nine years.  this was accomplished far more quickly than I thought possible. We couldn't recommend anyone more highly than Janneta Bohlander."

Nancy, mother of nine-year-old boy with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and life-threatening allergies

My energetic nine-year-old son with ADHD often has trouble with his peers. A nice kid, he doesn't understand body language and often misinterprets people's intentions.  The combination of high energy and poor communication skills leads to many scrapes with other kids. I brought him to Janneta Bohlander for social skills training. He has been in both individual and group therapy. Wow! What a difference it has made!

At each session, he is shown an example of social behavior that isn't working, i.e. a movie clip.  They discuss how the situation could have a better outcome via different behaviors. I am provided with a description of what my son learned so that I can immediately reinforce each new skill exactly the way it was taught to him. He has a lot to learn and the process is working for us. After a few sessions, I see significant improvements in his communication skills both at home and in social situations outside.

Mother of a nine-year-old boy with ADHD

After unsuccessfully trying to use the principles of Ross Greene's Explosive Child, we were unsure anything would work with Rachel. We knew we were in the right place on our first day with Janneta when Rachel willingly went alone into Janneta's office on the first visit. Over the next 4 months, we were overjoyed how Rachel opened up Janneta what she was feeling during those frustrating and anger provoking times.

We never thought that a 6-year-old could express herself so clearly and well.  Janneta was able to help Rachel identify her feelings and teach her how to cope with them. By using Janneta's suggestions, we saw great improvement in Rachel's disposition. With continued effort, Rachel can alter her behavior and learn to cope with life's frustrations. We could not have done this without Janneta's help."

Karen and Michael, parents dealing with an explosive child



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