What we know about anxiety disorders and learning difficulties can help you!

Thanks to scientific advances, we now know a lot more about the cause of anxiety as well as how we can manage it. We also know that challenging behaviors such as screaming or tantrums are set in motion by lagging cognitive skills, especially in the areas of flexibility, frustration tolerance, and problem solving.  It's a fact that that challenging behavior is not the result of passive, permissive, or inconsistent parenting.  It is best understood as a form of developmental delay.

Best of all, we know how to teach the skills necessary to reduce:

  • Symptoms of anxiety, (and in some cases get rid of them all together!)
  • Attention and social skills deficits
  • Other emotional and learning difficulties.

We help children and adults with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Non Verbal Learning Disabilities (NLD) and Asperger's syndrome.

We offer professional support, counseling and therapy services for children, adults, families, couples or individuals who have these challenges and want to live more productive, stress free lives.  Call today for a brief consultation. We know what works!  Please note our new address.  Phone number is the same. 

83 East Avenue, Suite 208
Norwalk, CT 06851
Phone: 203-521-0805

Certified HeartMath Practitioner
The HeartMath products, which many find similar to other forms of biofeedback provide a window into your body's physiology. Using a simple finger sensor, the program objectively monitors your heart rhythms and displays the physiological level of coherence an optimal state in which the heart, mind and emotions are operating in sync and in balance. The program combines emotional restructuring and relaxation techniques to assist your body in establishing a healthier response to stress. Patients who use these techniques report reduced stress and increased resiliency. 


-Janneta K. Bohlander, LMFT



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